Menkevich Guitars

Menkevich Standard Guitar

The “classic,” this model delivers a warm and well-rounded tone. Featuring an Indian rosewood body and cedar or spruce top, builder’s choice of rosette detailing, a mahogany neck and an ebony fretboard that plays a scale of the standard 650mm. French polish on the soundboard helps deliver maximum sensitivity. Includes hard-shell case.

Menkevich Custom Standard Guitar

A guitar that is tailored to your needs and desires, and built to your specifications. Choice of woods, shape of neck, string scale and spacings, body outline and overall look and design, color scheme and finish, as well as, fret type and hardware. Cutaways, multi-string (7-8-10 strings, etc.), pearl, precious metal inlay, custom rosette and binding, handmade gears and appointments are all possible. Price by agreement, please inquire.

Flamenco Guitar

Bold, dramatic and intense, the flamenco is a fiery guitar made in the traditional Spanish method. It features a cypress body, spruce top, a Spanish cedar neck, and wears nickel silver frets on an ebony fretboard with a very playable scale of 25 1/2″ (648mm). A fast, thin neck, low bridge and low action with clear tap plates and a light acoustically advantageous finish, make this guitar a pure delight. Includes deluxe gig bag or case.

La Donna Guitar

This 25th anniversary design is a culmination of every thought and feeling I have for the classical guitar. Designed for ultimate sensitivity and performance, the La Donna produces a most sensuous response in the music, the player and the listener. Highly figured materials are used when creating this model. Select Spanish cedar and black ebony are used for the neck, and high-profile nickel silver frets and deluxe tuning machines complete this stunning guitar. Includes velvet-lined, arch top and back hard-shell case.

Moderne Guitar

Cutting edge design and state-of-the-art technique are used in the creation of this new model. An “art-deco” look, with black wood on the body, and novel design for the headstock and rosette, this guitar makes a bold statement. Many new concepts from years of acoustic research are used in the construction of this 21st Century guitar. This guitar must be seen and heard to be appreciated.

Pujol Guitar

A smaller guitar modeled after the Torres guitars of 1863, FE16 and FE13 of 1860. This is my interpretation of a mid-19th century concert guitar, available with spruce top, rosewood back and sides, Spanish cedar neck, ebony fretboard, with choice of scales from 636mm to 650mm.

Llobet Guitar

Based on the Torres guitar of 1859, FE09, used by Miguel Llobet for many recordings and recitals. My interpretation of this guitar features the distinctive white bindings which trim the edges of the guitar, and has a spruce top, rosewood back and sides, Spanish cedar neck, and ebony fretboard. Originally designed for a scale of 647mm, this model is available in 640mm, 645mm, 648mm, and 650mm scale lengths.

Tarrega Guitar

This offering is reminiscent of Paco Terraga’s favorite Torres guitar of 1888, SE114. Available in spruce or cedar top, rosewood back and sides, Spanish cedar neck, and ebony fretboardm with scale of 650mm, this guitar is very close to modern guitars in size and shape.

Segovia Guitar

My interpretation of the famous Hauser I of 1937, which Andres Segovia called “the guitar of the epoch”. This guitar now resides in the permanent colection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. My version of this instrument features a spruce top, rosewood back and sides, Spanish cedar neck, ebony fretboad, and a scale of 650mm.

Manuel Guitar

The “Manuel” draws inspiration from the large patterns of the guitars tablao from the workshop of Manuel Ramirez, circa 1912. This guitar is very much a fill-sized concert guitar, available in cedar top, rosewood back and sides, Spanish cedar neck, ebony fretboard and choice of scale length from 648mm to 660mm. This guitar can also be made into a flamenco model, both in blanca or negra.