The Menkevich Guitar is truly “state of the art” in the world of the classical and gypsy jazz guitars. Carefully selecting the best materials for their acoustic and visual characteristics and then working to optimize their potential achieves the goal. My guitars feature graceful body shapes based on the designs of the old masters. Smooth, flowing curves and a pronounced taper from deep in the lower bout to shallow at the upper bout provide further enhancement. The neck is fast and light, and the instrument is set up with a medium action and string spacing. All these design features make a Menkevich Guitar a very easy guitar to play.

The Voice

Sustained, well-balanced and incisive notes speak with clarity and authority. The tonal character is deep and rich with power and projection suggesting a strong, masculine quality in the sound. A harmonic richness and smoothness that does not wear on the ears is conveyed, as well as, a certain tenderness and human quality. The tone colors that can be brought forth from the guitar encompass the entire musical palette. This consistently complex tonal quality invites listener interest and player enthusiasm.

The Experience

The Menkevich Guitar can be called user-friendly because it is easy to play, quick to respond, sensitive and compliant. While each guitar has a distinct personality there is also a malleable quality which responds to the player. The most subtle dynamics are produced and bring forth the most personal nuances in performace. Played with the proper technique, the Menkevich guitar seems to explode with sound. The balance, look, and feel of the guitar combine to create a strong artistic impression. This guitar is with you in your quest to express the music that is inside of you.

The Investment

All Menkevich guitars are built in a climate controlled environment, and are guaranteed for a lifetime to the original owner. A musical instrument of quality will continue to improve with age. Invest your time and talent in a fine guitar and you will be rewarded every day. A Menkevich is a hand crafted work of art. It has one unique voice and is one of a kind. It will increase in value over time.